Automotional Driver Training (from £75)

Initial and refresher driver training delivered throughout the UK and Ireland; all vehicle types, delivered by experienced Fleet ADI trainers, not 'L' ADI's; all courses designed in house by Fleet Industry and Driver Training experts. In our opinion there is no substitute for on road practical driver training with one of our experienced and patient trainers. All practical training comes with our unique Automotional Driver Profiler which as well as providing drivers with useful information also provides our trainer with an insight of the driver prior to training allowing for the tailoring of training so as to provide the most relevant advice to each driver.

A well planned Driver Training session will not only prove to be self financing by reducing wear and tear, accident rates but should in fact make a positive addition to the bottom line with fuel consumption also being reduced by up to 17%. To find out how much you can save plug in your fleet details into our Fuelsave Calculator located on the home page.

For more information download our ADT course itinerary at or call the office on 01332 810007

DRM Packages

Automotional has put together a variety of packages to cover your Driver Risk requirements with prices starting at just £4; no minimum contract length and no admin fees; click here to see content.

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Driver of the Year Competition

There is no better way to promote Driver Safety within your organisation, reward the good drivers and get everyone paddling the same canoe! From a day for 12 drivers to a full blown...

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