Automotional Driver Workshop (from £14.75)

1-2 hr, half day and full day interactive modular workshops delivered at venue to suit or at our Donington Park home to groups of up to 20 drivers; fits neatly into existing meetings. Whilst Automotional has its standard Driver Workshop, it is made up of a series of modules, listed below. This allows for the time duration and content to be changed to suit each customer. We can even write bespoke modules based around a company's own driver policy for example. Many Automotional customers choose to fit modules into their existing meetings, setting aside 1-2 hours in a quarterly meeting and then selecting the modules to suit; e.g. Winter Driving in the Q4 sales meeting.

Half day and full day workshops allow for a greater degree of interaction with the group being split down into smaller breakouts and being given various tasks to complete and present back to the group. All Automotional workshops however utilise a wide variety of media methods ensuring full interaction by all and a fun learning environment.

Module examples;

Winter driving; The 4 causes of a Skid; Basic vehicle maintenance (seasonal advice); Journey preparation/planning; Tyres, suitability and maintenance; The common causes of an accident; Speed awareness; Drink/Drugs module; Motorway/Dual carriageway driving; Town driving; Junctions; Lone driver awareness; Parking & manoeuvring; Trailer towing; 4x4 on/off road; Young/inexperienced driver; Night driving; Fuel efficient driving; UK Familiarisation; Open forum

For more information download our Workshop PDF at or call the office on 01332 810007

DRM Packages

Automotional has put together a variety of packages to cover your Driver Risk requirements with prices starting at just £4; no minimum contract length and no admin fees; click here to see content.

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