Driver Risk Management

Within the business to business ‘advanced’ or ‘defensive’ driver training arena, the focus has always tended to fall on the financial or health & safety benefits derived by the client company.

The end results of a successful risk management programme should include:

  • Fewer accidents
  • Reduced insurance premium and claims costs
  • Improved fuel efficiency and fewer vehicle emissions
  • Higher vehicle residual values
  • Compliance with corporate manslaughter, road safety and health & safety legislation and ‘duty of care’
  • An improved ‘safety culture’ within the organisation

Research has demonstrated time and again that driver risk management programmes that contain at least an element of practical, in-vehicle training can have a marked impact on reducing fleet costs.

What is less clear is how long these benefits last for. The typical model employed in driver risk management programmes consists of some sort of method for identifying drivers who’d benefit from practical training, a ‘one hit’ training session and then an optimistic hope that the ‘tricks’ learned by individual drivers will persist with them throughout the remainder of their driving career.

Regrettably, this appears in reality not to be the case. Evidence suggests that if there is not a more consistent ‘engagement’ with the drivers themselves then the ‘shelf-life’ of driver training on its own is probably about 18 months, after which drivers start to revert to the old habits.

In other words, in many driver risk management schemes it’s the drivers who are largely overlooked once their training has taken place.

Automotional has a different approach insomuch as it makes a point of keeping drivers engaged all the time the programme is in train.

This ‘engagement’ begins with the industry-leading Automotional Profiler; the means by which agreed (between Automotional and its client companies) parameters can be used to build individual driver development plans. Upon completion of the Profiler (only a 10 minute exercise in most cases) drivers select from a list of driving related subjects in which they have a personal interest. Thereafter, each driver receives (on a quarterly basis) developmental e-learner materials (the Automotional Trainer) based specifically on their chosen areas of interest.

In addition, every driver will have a monthly newsletter (The Informer) which will keep them up to date with a wide range of driving-related topics.

Further still, they have access to the DrivenWord area of the Automotional website where they can share experiences, road tests, gossip or engage in a bit of social networking. The idea being that the more exposure and information they have on driving matters, the more likely they are to keep safe driving fairly ‘front of mind’.

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