Specialist Training Courses (from £39)

Automotional is a full service DRM business and delivers practical Driver Training in many on and off road scenarios including Fuelsave, Refresher Training, Post Incident, Skid Car, 4x4, Advanced Performance.......

Fuelsave - Governments statistics show that around 17% savings can be achieved through Fuelsave training. Automotional's own experience is similar on the day although this does reduce over time but 10% is more than achievable for most fleets. Why not complete our Fuelsave calculator to see how much you can save. Fuelsave Calculator

Advanced Performance - This full day course at Donington Park includes half day on road training, Skid Car, ERT and Parking & Manoeuvring; we even throw in lunch! A fun and interactive day's training from just £165

Post Incident - The perfect course for those that have had incidents or are nervous about getting back behind the wheel; our patient and experienced trainers will review, discuss and provide bespoke training as required.

UK Familiarisation - Practical training for those new to the UK focussing on what makes driving here just that little bit different! E-Learner module also available for delivery prior to arrival in the UK.

Driver of the Year - Don't just beat up on the bad drivers, why not raise the profile of Driver Safety internally and reward those drivers that represent your company well; we can even provide online qualification processes.

Parking & Confined Space Manoeuvring - Probably the highest cost to your fleet and all at the lowest speed! Bespoke events provided at Company headquarters in your own car parks or at any other suitable location; we even have full size inflatable cars on which to practise!

Skid Training - No, we are not teaching drivers how to skid, just what causes them and hence how to avoid them! Our manual, automatic and adapted Skid Cars provide the perfect learning environment and from just £39 per driver.

4x4 - Whether on road or off road, mud plugging or green laning Automotional can help. 4x4 vehicles handle very differently to standard cars on road and can get you into much trouble off road. A variety of purpose built 4x4 courses here at Donington Park and other UK wide venues make us the perfect partner for your 4x4 drivers.

Trailer Towing - As with 4x4, there is an art to trailer towing and of course a whole new set of speed limits and other laws that need to be complied with. Come and learn with the experts here at Automotional.

For more information on all of our specialist course itineraries please download at http://www.automotional.com/pages/display/solutions_companies or call the office on 01332 810007

DRM Packages

Automotional has put together a variety of packages to cover your Driver Risk requirements with prices starting at just £4; no minimum contract length and no admin fees; click here to see content.

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Driver of the Year Competition

There is no better way to promote Driver Safety within your organisation, reward the good drivers and get everyone paddling the same canoe! From a day for 12 drivers to a full blown...

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