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What's so different about the Automotional approach?

Automotional builds long term relationships with its clients and (totally uniquely within the industry) with the drivers themselves. We appreciate that the needs of the Company must be met but to change driver behaviour we must also engage with them.

Flexibility is also key, for both client and drivers alike. All of our systems are fully adaptable and approved administrators will have secure access to all of your data that provide a variety of reports.

Automotional believes in ongoing driver programmes and regular exposure to simple yet interesting messaging. As such all drivers that are engaged on the full Driver Risk Management system (£5 per month) will receive regular E-Learner modules tailored to their own driver profile and monthly Driver Stress Management Assessments. Additionally, whilst the system produces a 'score' for each driver there is no High, Medium and Low Risk parameters set by us allowing you to fully manage your fleet as you see fit; unless of course if you would rather us do it!

Who receives further practical training is completely under your control and importantly your budget. However, we have a wide variety of courses available; to view visit our Courses page on this website.

Automotional is the non-exclusive, non-elitist, no hidden agenda, experienced, innovative, 'cost-negative' partner for your business...

Where it also differs is in the way it engages directly with drivers and provides them with a vast amount of accessible information which can continue to grow and develop their 'knowledge' as their driving career progresses...whatever their starting point.

Automotional Products:

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  • Online Driver Profiler (Inc. Grey Fleet Module)
  • Online Automotional EL modules
  • Full Online Data Management
  • Full consulting
  • Accident analysis
  • A full range of practical driver training interventions inc.
    • On-road in appropriate class of vehicle
    • Fuelsave Training
    • Skid Training
    • Advanced Performance courses
    • Off-road 4x4
    • Winter Driver Training
    • Driver Workshops

Importantly, Automotional is a Driver Risk Management business that was set up by, and directly employs DRM experts; we don't sell insurance or lease cars we just stick to what we know and help you to achieve your goals, expertly and inexpensively.

DRM Packages

Automotional has put together a variety of packages to cover your Driver Risk requirements with prices starting at just £4; no minimum contract length and no admin fees; click here to see content.

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Driver of the Year Competition

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