Case Study - Van fleet of 211

In January 2010, a client with 211 delivery van drivers signed up to the Automotional Fuelsave programme.

This commenced with a gathering of fuel usage data at each of the 5 regional bases so as to set the benchmark. This was followed up with a bespoke poster campaign at bases with the Transport Managers also raising awareness that the Automotional Fuelsave training programme was imminent.

As was expected, and indeed has been experienced over some 25 years in the industry, just raising awareness provides a positive impact and indeed as drivers became more aware fuel usage decreased by 4% even before any practical training had began.

The client decided to train 4 drivers per day either on a 2:1 half day ratio or 1:1 for 1 ½ hours depending on the logistics at each base. With 4 drivers being trained per day at a cost of £280 per day this represented a cost of just £70 per driver.

In advance of the in-vehicle Fuelsave Training, each driver was required to complete the online Automotional Profiler which is then automatically sent to the Automotional trainer - ensuring that when they deliver the training they are pre-armed with useful information about each driver, allowing the training to be tailored to each individual driver.

It also ensures that the complete suite of the Automotional Data Management reports are available to each Transport Manager and indeed the National Fleet Administrator.

And the results? On the day savings averaged 17% across the 211 drivers and six months after training commenced the actual saving being achieved across the fleet was 7.69% - or annualised savings in excess of £38,000.

Better still, this figure is a nett saving after paying for all of the training and clearly this will be mirrored in subsequent years and should in fact increase as the costs of any refresher training will be far less than the initial training costs.

The post training communication with drivers can easily be continued via the Automotional online systems - with monthly driver newsletters; quarterly E-Learners and of course the training of new starts and those falling back into their 'old ways'. All this can be achieved from as little as £2 per driver per month.

Whilst the main impetus behind this particular programme was fuel costs reduction, we should also remember that, as a direct result of Automotional Driver Risk Management, accident rates will also reduce, drivers become better motivated (especially when rewarded for good performance), a vehicle's residual value should increase, maintenance costs should reduce and a company also covers its Duty of Care under Health & Safety legislation, all for free!

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Testimonials from a variety of this company's employees from Driver to Director:

  1. Feedback from a driver two months on from his Fuelsave training course:
    "I have gone from second bottom to second best on the economy board. I have slowed down and now take 15 mins a day longer to complete my round, but am far less stressed!!! I also feel so much better, I am far more relaxed when at home, and not snapping at the family!"
  2. Feedback from a client company's training co-ordinator:
    "Thanks your trainers have been great."
  3. Comments from one of the client Company's Regional Directors:
    "My view is the further van trials will only tell us what we already know, i.e. It works so keen to get a move on."

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