Driver Risk Management packages


Full DRM 1

Full DRM 2
Driver Training

Full DRM 3
Driver Training
& Telematics


Price per driver per month



From £15.50

Agreed monthly payment per driver for budget control

Set up and admin fee




Simple and inexpensive to add temporary/part time drivers

Minimum term contract applies

3 months

12 months

from 12 months

Only pay for drivers live in the system on a monthly basis

Automotional Driver Profiler (ADP) completed annually

Automatically available for drivers to recomplete after 11 months

Regular E Learner modules bespoke to each driver

Modules delivered to drivers in their chosen order - available for review post completion

Full Data Management system

Secure live 24/7 online Data Management system; password protected complete with admin dashboard

Full Grey Fleet compliance

Includes driver notification service when renewals are due

Driving Licence check via DVLA

Annual DVLA check per driver - additional checks available for drivers with multiple points and to meet any accreditations

Driver Well Being Profiler monthly

Monthly Health, Wellbeing & Resiliency Profiler with instant reporting and online learning

Driver Well Being Profiler (DWBP) data management programme

Secure live 24/7 online Data Management system; password protected complete with admin dashboard

Quarterly bespoke reports

Created by Automotional management team with advice and recommendations

Practical Automotional Driver Training (ADT) for 10% of drivers

1:1 half day anywhere in the UK or £ allowance against other driver training interventions including workshops

10% discount for all additional ADT

Further discounts for any additional training requirements across full range of training courses

In vehicle telematics and tracking all linked to online Driver Risk Management system

plus options, Incidentcam, Driver I.D etc all available

All above service items available individually, Please contact or 01332 810007 for bespoke options

DRM Packages

Automotional has put together a variety of packages to cover your Driver Risk requirements with prices starting at just £4; no minimum contract length and no admin fees; click here to see content.

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